Flashing LED Dog Safety Collar

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 Some Dogs can’t stand still for a second and, unfortunately, some parks aren’t lit that well. If you often walk your dog in the dark: be it very early morning before you go to work; or late evening, when you get back — it’s best you invest in a flashing led dog collar which will give you constant visual contact with your pet, even if he tends to walk far ahead of you.

This dog collar in particular is known for being very comfy on the dog and extremely durable too. It’s easy to turn the lights on and off. Made of nylon, it comes in four different sizes and seven different colors.

Click add to cart now and who knows, you may save your dogs life!

  • S: width (1 in), length (13.8 in - 16.9 in)
  • M: width (1 inch), length (15.7 in - 15.9 in)
  • L: width (1 in), length (17.7 in - 20.5 in)
  • XL: width (1 in), length (20.5 in - 23.6 in)

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