Pets Intelligence Amusement Toy

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So how can you ensure you indoor cat is getting stimulated to 'outdoor' levels and remains healthy? Well look no further than the Pets Intelligence Amusement Toy. Designed by our team of Cat experts, the intelligence tower simultaneously stimulates and soothes your cats predatory, problem solving mind. Which if left unattended, would be whirring ALL DAY, driving your cat CRAZY!


 ✓ Colorful never ending game for cats! They will spend HOURS chasing the balls
✓ The perfect way to keep your cat fit, healthy and mentally stimulated
✓ Sturdy, long-lasting design, requires no batteries, simply place it infront of your cat and watch it go!
✓ Comes in 2 different colors.


Color: green, orange
Material: Plastic
Bottom diameter: 24.5cm
Top diameter: 15.5cm
Height: 13cm
Ball quantity: 3